Gin Book

Our little book provides an introduction to the topic gin and focusses on its origin and, above all, its production. The gin varieties presented are picked out in by our gin sommelier and described in great detail for our customers.

Flavour nuances are itemised individually, meaning this book helps you to get new suggestions when you want to try an unknown gin. To be sure that your gin tastes good, you can also always just ask your trained barkeeper for suggestions. Let us advise you which tonics or taste palates our world of gins has for you!

We believe - this is ideal for beginners, but with over 200 gin varieties, it’s also perfect for connoisseurs. Distinctions are made between London Dry Gin, Dry Gin, Distilled Gin and Sloe Gin. According to German spirit laws, Sloe Gin isn’t actually a gin, as it only contains 30% alcohol or less. Gin must have at least a minimum of 37.5% alcohol volume.  This is exactly how it is regulated by the European Act No. 110/2008. However, we’ll go into this in detail during the gin tasting.